Power factor correction pilot project

Project benefits both customers and Ergon Energy

Ergon Energy is undertaking a power factor pilot project with nearly 30 major business and industrial customers in and around Toowoomba.

The aim of the Queensland Government funded project is to use incentive payments to reduce peak demand by a total 4.7 MVA, with subsequent customer savings and carbon emissions reduction.

Ergon Energy has been investing in demand management for many years through initiatives such as Power Factor correction, which is used to reduce the electrical current drawn from appliances.

Improving the power factor of appliances such as motors and other equipment at individual premises will help improve energy efficiency both for the customers and for the Ergon Energy network1.

An appliance with a low power factor draws more current from the available power source than an appliance with a high power factor. The aim is to increase the power factor to 0.9 or more, that is, so electricity use is 90-plus per cent efficient.

For Ergon Energy the success of this project can eliminate or defer the need for new infrastructure such as transmission lines, sub-stations and transformers.

The project fact sheet provides more detailed information.

1 Customers are obliged under the Electricity Regulations and the National Electricity Rules to ensure the power factor of an electrical installation complies with legislated requirements.

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Video Presentations

Power factor correction pilot project

Oakey Abattoir

The Ergon Energy power factor correction pilot project has helped to deliver great energy efficiencies for the Oakey Abattoir.