Community and our network


We're committed to contributing to the communities in which we operate.  Read about what we're doing in your local area and check out our network management programs and plans.

Future investment

Ergon Energy is currently developing its expenditure proposal for the AER to determine our revenue allowance for the 2015 to 2020 regulatory control period.

Environmental management

Ergon Energy is committed to conducting its operations in a way that minimises our environmental impact.

Network management

Read about our network management program and our current and proposed projects. Also find out about our isolated and remote power stations, generation alternative technologies, and regulatory test consultations in various communities.

Network projects

Read about our current and proposed network projects.

Electric & magnetic fields

Information about EMF (electric and magnetic fields): the science and our position.

Energy Solutions

Ergon Energy offers a wide range of manufacturing and high voltage (HV) diagnostic services across Australia and overseas through its specialist division Energy Solutions. Energy Solutions provides a one-supplier solution for innovative energy products and services.

Nexium Telecommunications

Nexium Telecommunications (Nexium) is a retail provider of telecommunications services to government departments and agencies and a wholesale provider of telecommunications to carriers and carriage services providers.

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