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Understanding our business

There are two sides to Ergon Energy – the part that builds and maintains the electricity distribution network, and the retail part that sells electricity to residential and business customers.

So, to help you find the energy information you need, we've created a much friendlier website by dividing the site into 'Network' and 'Retail'. Finding your way around is simple, with colour coding and easy-to-use navigation.

To help you learn more about our services, we've created this short video.


Female: There's more than one side to Ergon Energy.  We're one company, but we have two very different jobs to do within the electricity industry.

Male: To explain, let's take a closer look at how electricity gets into your home or business.

It all starts with Generators – the power stations that produce the electricity…

Female: …that is transported great distances by Transmission companies, who manage the high voltage towers and wires.

Male: Then…Network companies like Ergon Energy, bring electricity along the poles and power lines in the street.

Female: And finally...Retailers like Ergon Energy Retail, sell electricity to customers like you.

So to help you get to know us a little better, let us share a bit about what we do to support your electricity needs.

As your electricity retailer, we're ready to help you…

Open new accounts and arrange location moves; and find the right electricity tariff for your home or business; Manage your electricity use; Find the most convenient way for you to pay your account;  Subscribe to Clean Energy; Donate to the Royal Flying Doctor Service; And access support programs like Customer Assist and the Queensland Government Electricity Rebate.

Male: On the flip side...As a network company, we…

Deliver electricity to homes and businesses across regional Queensland; Build and maintain around 160,000 kilometres of power lines and associated infrastructure; Arrange for over 5 million electricity meters to be read each year; And accommodate connections for new technologies like solar.

We're there in times of disaster like cyclones, storms and floods.  If the power goes out, we'll keep you informed and restore power as safely and quickly as possible. We're also committed to helping you stay safe around electricity.

Want to know more about our services? 

Female: Take a look around our website for all the information you need.  Finding your way around is simple, with colour coding for 'Retail…

Male: …and 'Network', and easy-to-use navigation that's designed with you in mind. 

Female: Ergon Energy, working together to support your electricity needs.


The green section of the website contains all the Ergon Energy Retail information. As your electricity retailer, Ergon Energy Retail sells electricity to you. They are 100% Queensland owned with customer solutions centres in Townsville and Rockhampton. They can help you with:

  • Opening new accounts and arranging location moves
  • Finding the right electricity tariff for your home
  • Managing your home electricity use
  • Finding the most convenient way for you to pay your account
  • Accessing the Queensland Government Electricity Rebate
  • Subscribing to Clean Energy
  • Donating to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.


The blue section of the website contains all the Ergon Energy Network information. The network part of Ergon Energy builds and maintains the electricity distribution network for regional Queensland - in essence, the 'poles and wires'. In this role, they are responsible for:

  • Ensuring our customers are kept informed of the restoration process for planned and unplanned outages
  • Restoring power as safely and quickly as possible, after disasters, cyclones and floods
  • Establishing new connections for homes and businesses to the network
  • Accommodating connections for new technologies like solar
  • Keeping our staff and customers safe around electricity
  • Reading over 5 million electricity meters each year
  • Planning our future electricity network
  • Providing information for design and construction contractors, electrical contractors, solar installers and developers.

Designed with you in mind

More and more customers are visiting ergon.com.au on their mobile devices.

We've created an online experience that adapts to suit the screen size of the device you're using. This means you'll always enjoy a seamless online experience, whether you're on the couch or on the go.