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We supply electricity to over 740,000 customers across a vast operating area of over one million square kilometres – around 97% of the state of Queensland – from the expanding coastal and rural population centres to the remote communities of outback Queensland and the Torres Strait.

We are all about delivering on our purpose – 'to provide safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable energy solutions to support our customers and the Queensland economy'. To make this happen, we have over 4,000 employees and an $11.8 billion asset base.

Our electricity network consists of approximately 160,000 kilometres of powerlines and one million power poles, along with associated infrastructure such as major substations and power transformers. We also own and operate 33 stand-alone power stations that provide supply to isolated communities across Queensland which are not connected to the main electricity grid. Since August 2007, we have owned and operated the Barcaldine gas-fired power station along with its associated infrastructure, which supplies power to the main grid.

We are actively involved in alternative energy generation solutions and are one of Australia's largest purchasers of renewable energy.

We're also a major contributor to the development of skills across regional Queensland. And we take our social responsibility seriously through numerous partnerships with the communities we serve.

Ergon Energy was formed in 1999 by the Queensland Government, from the then six regional Queensland electricity distributors and their subsidiary retailer. Our principal operating companies are Ergon Energy Corporation Limited, as the electricity distributor, and its subsidiary Ergon Energy Queensland Pty Ltd, the electricity retailer.

The distribution business – the 'poles and wires' – is regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). The AER sets the revenue we are allowed to collect for our distribution services. These charges are just one of the components that make up the price of electricity.

Ergon Energy's retailer is only permitted, by legislation, to sell electricity at the Queensland Government's Notified Prices. The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) oversees these tariffs. This enables Queenslanders to access the same uniform electricity tariffs, wherever they live, even though the cost to supply may be different. Customers in regional Queensland can choose, however, to purchase their electricity from another retailer in the competitive market – at a price set by that retailer – and still be supplied from our distribution network.

Our other subsidiary is Ergon Energy Telecommunications Pty Ltd, trading as Nexium Telecommunications. This business services our communications needs and, as a licensed telecommunications carrier, offers the Queensland marketplace wholesale high-speed data services.

We're also a shareholder in a joint venture with Energex Limited (our south-east Queensland counterpart), SPARQ Solutions Pty Ltd, which provides information and communications technology (ICT) solutions and services to both organisations.

Our next chapter is as a merged entity with Energex Limited, under the newly formed Energy Queensland Limited.

Our vision

To be a high performance, customer-driven energy business.

Our purpose

To provide safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable energy solutions to support our customers and the Queensland economy.

Our values

Success is built on our values of SPIRIT - Safety, Professionalism, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork.

Our goal is to embed these values deep into the consciousness of our employees, so that they are clearly apparent in our everyday working lives.

We are committed to fostering this common set of values to achieve our business objectives and providing our people with an enjoyable place to work. These values, which have been developed in consultation with our employees, express how our people interact with each other and our customers to deliver on our vision of being 'a high performance, customer-driven energy business'.

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