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Company reports

Our corporate reporting is being presented as part of the Energy Queensland Limited’s suite of reporting documents.

Energy Queensland Limited has been created as our parent company, through the merger of Ergon Energy Corporation Limited, Energex Limited and SPARQ Solutions on 30 June 2016.

The Annual Stakeholder Report presents an insight into our organisation's overall performance for the 2015-16 financial year.  It showcases the contribution of Ergon Energy Corporation Limited and its subsidiary Ergon Energy Queensland Pty Ltd.

Our financial statements are now available from Energy Queensland Limited.

.Front cover image of our 2016 Annual Report

Current company reports

2015/16 Reports

Documents Published
2016 Annual Stakeholder Report (PDF File, 1.9 MB) 30 Sep 2016
2016 Statement of Corporate Intent (PDF File, 559.9 KB) 30 Sep 2016

The Annual Financial Statements and Subsidiary Financial Statements are available from Energy Queensland Limited.

Past company reports

If you would like to review reports from previous years, please visit our Past company reports webpage.

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