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Nexium Telecommunications

Nexium Telecommunications is a retail provider of telecommunications services to government and a wholesale provider to carriers and carriage services providers.

Nexium Telecommunications was created in 2003 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ergon Energy which supplies electricity to 97 per cent of the state. Ergon Energy is now part of the Energy Queensland Group under Energy Queensland Limited, and Nexium Telecommunications is now a subsidiary of Energy Queensland Limited.

Built into the Ergon Energy and Energex electricity network is a commercial grade high-capacity bandwidth fibre optic network, with large fibre footprints in many regional towns and communities. This enables customers to access our network without the need to build costly new connection links - sometimes over vast distances.

Nexium Telecommunications can also assist carriers, carriage service providers and other third parties seeking to rent space on our towers and poles for telecommunications purposes.

To find out more view our Nexium Telecommunications website.