More than 95,000 of our customers now own a solar-PV inverter energy system - and the rate of uptake is no different for our more remote customers.

Ergon supplies electricity to around 700,000 customers via an extensive network that reaches across more than a million square kilometres of regional Queensland.

On the edges of this vast grid, and in some of the most remote and isolated parts of Queensland, there live about 25,000 customers whose electricity is supplied via our single wire earth return, or SWER, network.

To best support all customers - renewable energy generators included -  Ergon is continually working to ensure that the network is reliable and safe.

That focus includes technological innovation. Our Solar Cities project, advanced inverter technology trials, and battery technology trials have helped us to better understand and develop best practices on operating networks with high penetration of renewable energy generators and storage.

All the while we are looking at ways to leverage the capabilities of the devices themselves, to facilitate greater penetration while maintaining safe operating conditions.

Furthermore, we've also piloted and introduced enabling technologies such as Low Voltage Regulators, STATCOMs and Grid Utility Storage Systems, which all help to improve the voltage swings and bi-directional flow of energy within our network.

Through partnerships with other utilities in Australia and around the world we've been able to share our knowledge, and gain insights from peers which we're using to further improve the service provided to our customers.

We've recently developed a connection standard for Inverter Energy Systems up to 30kVA, and reviewed our existing connection standard and processes for embedded generation between 30kVA up to 1MVA. These standards will provide a clear set of connection requirements while allowing for quicker turnaround of requests to connect.

All of this work though is underpinned by our corporate strategy and more specifically, our asset management and operational strategies for our customers at the edge of the grid, and Ergon Energy's ongoing vision to be a high performance, customer-driven energy business.