Nexium enables the delivery of high speed, broadband services into areas where there are usually very limited telecommunications services. 

This subsidiary of regional electricity distributor Ergon Energy achieves this by using the fibre optic cable (FOC) assets that belong to a range of suppliers, such as utilities, railways and customer-owned FOCs and assembling them into a single service over which it implements and manages a high-grade, highly available IP telecommunications network. 

A recent example of how Nexium achieves this was where a customer was developing a remote, greenfield mining site. The customers had sought a high-speed, reliable data service from the normal telecommunications providers, only to be told that nothing was available or came at a very high capital cost to establish the services. 

When Nexium was approached it investigated the company, the phase of the development, the proposed power infrastructure for the site and other utility or transport infrastructure and FOC that may be available to use in a solution. 

The investigation by Nexium found that the electricity distributor was building a feeder to a new substation in the vicinity of the mine and FOC was to be installed with the new power feeder to that substation for network management.  Nexium was then able to negotiate with the customer to build FOC cable along the power feeder they were building, from the mining site administration area back to the vicinity of the new substation, to connect the power grid. 

Nexium then arranged for the missing link between the FOCs between the two locations to be constructed and then established a high-speed, IP network connection over the FOCs back to the Nexium network connection point. 

By engaging with a range of suppliers, partners and the customer, Nexium was able to identify a cost effective way to deliver a high-speed, high grade service to the customer at an incremental cost, compared to building a service that did not leverage the existing infrastructure.  Nexium has delivered a large number of services using this approach.

Factors such as geography, location, existing infrastructure and the economy will always determine the suitability and need of fibre technology in developing countries. However, the potential realised by Nexium Telecommunications in Queensland shows that these networks could be an enabler for future development.

About Nexium

Nexium Telecommunications was created in 2003 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Ergon Energy, a Queensland Government owned corporation, which supplies electricity to 97 per cent of the state via its extensive network of poles and lines.

Built into its power network is a commercial grade high-capacity bandwidth fibre optic network, with large fibre footprints in many regional towns and communities. This enables customers to access the Nexium network without the need to build costly new connection links, sometimes over vast distances.

Nexium's affiliation with Ergon Energy also means that support is never far away, providing customers in remote areas with peace of mind. (Source:

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