GUSS took out the state award in September and was one of only a handful of nominees to be saluted nationally out of a field of almost 50.

Technology Innovation Engineer Stephen Richardson has been at the coal-face of the deployment program which has seen 20 units rolled out across regional Queensland to provide more reliable electricity supply to hundreds of remote houses and businesses.

Image of a lady and two men holding a trophy aftr winning the award for GUSS

“It’s a high honour to be named alongside the country’s most innovative engineering projects.

“The true reward for us comes from knowing the program is helping boost reliability for customers in some of Queensland’s most remote locations,” Mr Richardson said.

The units have been placed in locations where supply problems had existed on Single Wire Return Earth (SWER) lines.

These lines are often very isolated and difficult to access.

Each GUSS unit has 56 Lithium-Ion type batteries which provide 25kVA and 100 kilowatt hours nominal capacity.

This is enough to power the average home for up to five days and, the GUSS units operate by ‘topping up’ during quiet times and ‘decanting’ into the network during times of higher demand when voltage levels need levelling out.

Manager Technology Development Michelle Taylor said the rollout has been an important way to showcase Ergon’s work to develop systems that respond to customers’ future needs. GUSS Installations at Kinnoul

“This represents new technology that enables diversified energy use and enables renewable energy along with an alternative option to augment networks into the future.

“We are doing a number of innovative things in relation to battery storage and renewables including the development of a purpose built battery system test lab in Cairns and continuing work on projects such as the Central Energy Storage System (CESS).

“It’s important research that only comes about through great team-work, and this award is a great reflection of the caliber of people we have working in this space,” Ms Taylor said.

This short video demonstrates GUSS.