A planned solar farm project for the remote town is also about energising the community in a way that benefits our customers and our business. It’s also the latest project that will reduce Ergon Energy’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Ergon Energy will install a controlled hybrid PV mini-grid with 200 kilowatt of rooftop solar PV on the town’s buildings, together with battery storage units.

Lockhart River is small community of 500 people, 800km north of Cairns in Far North Queensland and the system will supply about 10% of the community’s power needs.

One site to host the solar PV systems will be the local council’s workshops.

The solar farm will provide a clean energy alternative for the diesel-powered community and will include some battery energy storage to help integrate the solar farm with Ergon’s diesel generators.

The hi-tech system will provide clean energy to the community and reduce the town’s reliance on our diesel power generation and with it, reduce Ergon Energy’s fuel bill.

At the same time local customers should have lower bills from solar and the project will provide network engineers with a testing-ground to analyse the benefits of mini-grids.

Lockhart River is one of many isolated communities which are too remote to connect to the national grid and are supplied with power from one of Ergon’s 33 diesel power stations.

Ergon Energy Retail’s parent company, Energy Queensland has launched an expression of interest and is calling for organisations to pitch for the provision and install work – providing economic stimulation at the same time.

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