The Grid Utility Support System (GUSS) is an award-winning, edge of network storage product that has provided great reliability to customers serviced by our Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) network.

Each GUSS unit is an advanced, cost-effective technology solution that can reduce peak loads and supply reliable voltage levels for up to 100 customers.

The units weigh around 3.7 tonnes and contain 56 lithium-ion batteries with a 100kWh rating and 800 volt maximum operating voltage.

They’re mounted on a single 5.3 x 1.6m skid which means they can also be transported to another site if ever required.

“It really is a fantastic opportunity to knowledge share with our manufacturer so that we can refine the units to suit our needs for the future,” Mr Richardson said.

There are 17 GUSS units in operation across remote and regional Queensland.

“There is a GUSS unit in the US and it will be exposed to conditions similar to the Australian outback. Once the refinements have been determined we can apply them and confirm they worked.”

Applications for the future of this type of technology are already being seen in the use of micro-grid and other battery storage applications.

The development of GUSS has enabled a range of battery storage learnings that are now being applied on the global stage.

“Our supplier has actually made a few global changes to their product lines based on feedback from Ergon.

“The units have been operating for over 12months and the visualisation of data has led to an in-depth understanding of system performance. This visualisation is something Ergon has developed and our manufacturer along with other companies, have started to adopt many of those principles we use to help them understand the performance of other systems” Mr Richardson said.

“It will be great to be able to sit down and discuss some of the challenges we’ve been able to overcome in developing this technology.

That valuable sharing of information will take place over the next fortnight as Stephen meets with engineering staff and tours the company’s manufacturing base.