Minister for Energy Mark Bailey will introduce a showcase of Queensland’s research & development, innovation, key industry projects and investment opportunities in the energy storage industry on 17 February in Brisbane.

Michelle Taylor

Glenn WaldenErgon Energy’s Technology Development Manager Michelle Taylor - right- and Manager Emerging Markets Glenn Walden - left - are presenting at the one-day summit.

The Energy Storage Council says leaders of government, industry and the energy sector will have the opportunity to connect and discuss current technology developments, market trends and review real industry case studies.

Glenn Walden said he will present on the topic of customer’s experience with energy storage.

“The ongoing transformation of the energy landscape, the democratisation of the grid, and the role of network operators such as ourselves as being an enabler for the customer is certainly something we are committed to and we’re keen to share our insights,” Glenn said.

Michelle will present a case study on the regional deployment of Ergon’s Grid Utility Support Systems. Cairns-based Michelle is Ergon’s subject matter expert on battery storage technology, which is set to boom in popularity in the future.

“When it comes to storage, especially residential BESS, there are different battery storage systems to suit different needs so Ergon seeks to share much as possible what information it has available,” Michelle said.

“We need to understand and enable new technologies, we need to work with developers and we need to enable customer choice that results in sustainable outcomes for the customers and the network.”

Glenn, who has previously been interviewed by the ABC's 7.30 Report about changes in the electricity industry, new technologies and what that could mean for electricity utilities, the business of networked electricity and customers, will also speak about the customer interaction around key storage projects.