Battery storage is on the rise and costs are expected to fall over time spurring uptake which could be a repeat of solar‘s spectacular rise in Queensland over the last ten years.

It’s new technology that potentially gives you greater control of your electricity usage, maximises your solar PV investment and could reduce your power bills.

And it‘s happening now with more homes and businesses either expressing an interest or having batteries installed and connected to Ergon’s network.

But if you’re considering joining the battery storage revolution – is it right for you and your home?

Choosing a battery

There are many factors to consider - cost, payback periods, solar feed-in tariffs and choosing the right battery for your needs and whether you want to export to the grid or even charge your battery from the grid.

Think carefully about the reasons you want a battery. It could be to reduce your electricity bill, back up for a power interruption or for environmental reasons. Consider each carefully as purchase and set up costs can be high and there could be a need for wiring changes to your switchboard.

You’ll also need to consider a battery’s cycle life - they differ in the number of times they can be charged or discharged. Importantly think about the life of the battery, whether its usable energy will meet your electricity needs.

And while safety is paramount, it’s also important to locate your battery for optimal performance.

Your safety with a battery as part of your home is critical. Battery systems located in or outside the home, need to operate safely. Check with your installer about technical safety and the right location for you battery on your property.

One of the early decisions you will need to make is whether to choose an export or non-export battery system. And if you intend to charge your battery from the grid you will need to discuss tariffs with your electricity retailer.

Battery storage is a developing technology with no national certification for installers (1). And how do you find a reputable installer? A good place to start is the Clean Energy Council which is developing guidelines and an accreditation regime for grid connected battery storage system design and installation.

As a starting point here are some things to investigate to help you find a reputable installer.

It’s a big decision

Home battery storage is a big financial commitment so it’s important to make the right decision. Consider carefully your reasons, research the range of batteries, available export and non - export options, battery safety, warranties and importantly the payback period.

Payback is probably one of the most important issues especially when considered in conjunction with battery warranty as identified by one of our subject matter experts when he reviewed the Tesla Powerwall 2.

Home batteries are disruptive technology and it is only matter of time before they become integrated as a standard energy feature in homes and businesses.

Our role is to enable that with a smart network that makes it easy for people to connect their solar and batteries and provide information that helps them make informed decisions.

Want more help and information? Visit our battery storage website.