Talking Energy presents Ergon's Customer Delivery Manager Nick Grant speaking candidly about the need for this utility to quickly embrace change and adapt in order to meet customer expectations.

Nick is one of our employees who is at the forefront of Ergon's Strategic Enablement Program (SEP).  SEP is made up of a dozen projects that are all inter-related and working to deliver improved outcomes for customers and better ways of working for Ergon's employees.

This program will ensure next year's delivery of Ergon's 2015-2020 strategy – which includes the need to remain at the forefront of a constantly evolving electricity market.

As Nick warns, and his cautionary words mirror those of industry analysts the world over, there really is no option.

"Our customers are going to change, the technology is going to change and we don't have a choice as to whether we go with it. If we don't go with it, we'll be left behind," Nick says.

Get more information about Ergon's future direction and the latest updates on how we're developing our next 2015-2020 expenditure proposal for the Australian Energy Regulator from our website.