Basically, the process we undertake in putting forward the regulatory proposal is about securing Ergon's distribution business's revenue for the next five years. This effectively sets the network charges, which are passed through to customers as part of their electricity bill, for the period from 2015 to 2020. 

It's part of my job to pull the submission together, but as you can imagine formulating the revenue proposal is a real team effort that involves subject matter experts from across our business.

Importantly, the proposal has to meet the requirements of our business, the needs of our shareholders and, most importantly, the long-term interests of our customers.

A submission like this is a thorough and big job; the process takes about three years.  We're in the middle of the same volume of work as the submission made for the current five-year period, which involved hundreds of documents and providing responses to more than 400 individual questions from the regulator.

There's a lot of detailed information required from across the business, including our capital and operation expenditure forecasts, as well as all the detailed supporting justification which includes expenditure forecast methods, businesses cases, strategies and plans. And importantly, information on how we have interacted with our customers, and called for feedback to inform our plans.

This time round the rules around how we prepare our regulatory proposal have changed. And that, with the constantly evolving industry environment, means working out what to include in the proposal is a real challenge.

But it's vital that we get it right for both Ergon and our customers. If we don't get it right it might impact on our ability to deliver the services our customers expect now and in the future.

The proposal is due to be submitted in October this year but it's worth mentioning that this isn't the end of the process. It goes right through to October 2015. So there's still a lot of work to be done.You can read more about how we are developing our investment plans, and how we're engaging with our customers around them at

Watch our video to see more about how Ergon prepares its proposal for the AER.