The future network

We’ve all seen what has happened with e-commerce and the internet, and banking and EFTPOS. And now we are all getting to be part of the revolution and the transition that’s happening with electricity.  It would be really fantastic to create an outcome where customers aren’t thinking about the price of electricity again. Where actually interacting with solar and battery and electricity network in such a way  that price is no longer a problem. That’s what really gets me out of bed in the morning.

An electric vehicle future

I see a future with electric vehicles in driveways everywhere. At Ergon we can see it too and we’re investing to make our network ready for the EV revolution.  The technology is developing rapidly in what will become the biggest change in motoring since well, since motoring began! It’s an amazing time to be in the energy sector and the energy sector is in for an amazing time.

The future of customer service

I'm passionate about making things better for our customers. The world has changed, there are new technologies. We need to keep up with those new technologies. We're bringing customers in to our business to workshop ideas and solutions to better serve their needs. We know there are areas where we can improve. Our industry is changing, the market changing and our customer needs will change with it. And we need to be ready for that. We're really trying to think forward to what our customers might need in the future even if they don't realize it yet.

The future of energy storage

I imagine a world where home battery storage is everywhere. Where customers work with their energy provider to develop new ways to make the most of the electricity we have. The  concept of energy utopia - where customers, networks, and retailers all win - is a big one. I think it is possible, but it's going to take some lateral thinking and a lot of hard work. The future of energy is exciting, and  it's a journey  Ergon is taking with its customers in mind.

The connected future

We're really living in a mobile world.  At Ergon we're building a system that lets our people stay connected. But better still it's going to let our customers see what we see.  We're reinventing the way we do business, striving to give people the information they need when they need it. We need to be mobile friendly and always available when change happens, and I'm driving that change to suit the people we serve.

The future and innovative customers

I see a future where customers all have customer home PV systems and they're all involved in being a network player.  This is going to be a reality in the future and this is what Ergon is planning for. Customers need to have confidence that Ergon is working in this space. We have to work harder and faster,  it's an exciting time because customers are now part of the solution, and that's great.

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