The June edition sees Ergon Chief Executive Ian McLeod join three CEOs from the US in a Q&A feature titled 'CEOs are charged up'

Ian speaks about the key factors driving electricity prices, customer satisfaction, enabling the grid, the role of policy, and Ergon's strategic intent.   He explains Ergon's strategic objectives including being a leader in safety, leveraging climate change and modernizing the grid.

"Strategy execution involves regulatory, organizational and pricing (tariff) changes; securing financial resources and developing the capability of our people and the external market," Ian says.

"It's in all our interest to ensure energy resources no matter where they are, are shared in an efficient and effective way.

"Networked resources whether social, information, communication, water or energy, deliver great outcomes more efficiently. In short the whole is greater than the sum of the parts," Ian tells Fortnightly's Ken Silverstein.

You are invited to read the full interview via this link to Fortnightly.