Our team’s primary focus is to keep our customers front and centre.  We do this by getting out and about within the community, working side-by-side with our stakeholders to understand their needs and ultimately, make things easier.

Our projects

We engage with the community, businesses and local councils about a range of infrastructure projects like the construction or upgrade of powerlines and substations.  We work with our project teams and a variety of stakeholders to identify aspects of a project that may impact the community and opportunities the project may present for these groups.  We also ensure that our stakeholders have an opportunity and an avenue to contribute feedback into these projects.

Emerging technologies

Working with our internal energy experts, we help local councils, developers, and community and industry groups to identify opportunities for the introduction of emerging technologies. This might include technologies like electric vehicles, renewable energy sources like solar, or tapping into energy savings opportunities through our energy conservation and demand reduction initiatives.

Information programs

We also provide an educational role helping a variety of industry groups and the broader public to understand legislation and industry standards.  Helping these groups to understand and contribute to changes to legislation and standards can help simplify things for businesses and their customers.  As well, we provide talks and information to school groups and at a variety of community events like Eco Fiestas, technology days, industry groups, storm season and cyclone preparation days.

Listening to you

We also work with community and industry advocacy groups who help us to understand what it is like to interact with us.  Our aim is to listen to our stakeholders’ to identify areas where we can simplify our processes and provide better information and advice.

Disaster support

Another really important aspect of our role is to get out and about in the community following disaster events like cyclones and floods. Our team’s role following a disaster event is to be on the ground in the affected areas providing updates on our power restoration efforts and to support the community with a free phone charge and general safety messaging.

Check out our short engagement video or visit our major projects webpage to learn more about our community engagement approach for our projects.