Extending our award-winning safety campaign, we’re about to release two new Grim Llama television commercials in response to emerging community safety issues Marketing Manager Network Samantha Schultz said

“Starting Sunday 18 September, viewers will learn about the importance of using a Safety Observer when working near overhead powerlines.

“Then on 25 September, the second new Grim Llama commercial will teach viewers what to do if powerlines come down after a car accident.“ she said.Customer research is the basis for the new commercials. “The vehicle accident message was driven from the rise in incidents of motor vehicle accidents with electricity infrastructure, and the observation that customers and the public in general had limited understanding of what to do if that happened.”

Image of a woman and Pedro the Grim Llama

Sam said Ergon continues to use the Grim Llama as he serves as an excellent trigger for our safety messages.

“The Grimm Llama definitely has a following and has really been embraced by our customers and employees by providing a memorable link to our safety messages.

“We use the TV commercials on social media as well. We’ve had excellent customer recall and engagement. In fact one customer comment on one of our posts showed she recalled the Grim Llama and stopped an unsafe practice.”

Why use a llama for safety messages?

The Llama's traditional role of a protector or sentinel to flock animals is helping us spread the safety message she said.

“Llamas are a natural protector and used to protect flocks of sheep and other livestock in overseas countries. And of course they are cute with very expressive eyes and faces. We’ve successfully extended that concept of a protector to electrical safety messaging reminding people to stop and “Think ahead a bit”.

Pedro (aka the Grim Llama) made a guest appearance at this year’s Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers and was certainly a hit with the watching crowd.