Nothing is more important to Ergon Energy than safety – sometimes we even get a little competitive about it.

More on that later, but first I want to talk about what it means to be "Always Safe", the mantra we use at Ergon when we discuss what it means to be safe.

We think our crews deserve to return home to their families at the end of each day in the same healthy state as they start their shift.

Nothing they do during the day is so important or urgent that it warrants compromising their safety.

But it's not just about each individual being responsible for their personal safety at work and every other aspect of their life. It also means keeping an eye out for your mates.

And it's also about ensuring the work we do on the network keeps our customers and communities across regional Queensland safe.

To achieve these outcomes, Ergon promotes a culture where safety is paramount.

As the saying goes, safety doesn't happen by accident.

Safety is embedded into every process our crews undertake.

And we measure the safety performance of crews on a daily basis and provide regular feedback to ensure safety is never taken for granted.

One of the tools we use is a Comprehensive Safety Indicator (CSI), which allows us to make comparisons across our depots from Cooktown in the north to Stanthorpe in the south.

The CSI results take into account safety outcomes such as injuries sustained, as well as pro-active safety measures such as on-time reporting and completion of safety visits.

The safest and most professional crews in each of our regions are selected to attend the annual Field Safety Days competition in Townsville.

Earlier this month, six crews competed in a range of critical safety challenges designed to put their expertise to the test.

Challenges included Pole Top Rescue, Switchboard Rescue, High Voltage Switching, Secondary System Isolation and CPR.

This year, the Toowoomba Communications team comprising Andrew Brown, Kyle Schmidt, Richard Kruger and Paul Harvey claimed first place in the transmission stream and overall.

The Warwick Regional Service Delivery team of Morgan Taylor, Matt Dwan, Matt Roche and Luke Brosnan were the winners in their category and overall runners-up, matching their result from two years ago.

While those teams deserved their success, the greatest reward for all competing teams was that they could learn from their peers and strengthen their commitment to safety.

That's the thing about safety. Even the best recognise the importance of being better because there's nothing more important than being Always Safe.