Ergon Energy launched its summer preparation campaign on October 22 by calling on regional Queenslanders to think ahead and be prepared for what nature may have in store over the next few months.

This summer Ergon is partnering with Scouts Queensland by featuring scouts and scout leaders in its ‘Be Prepared for Summer campaign’ to help deliver important safety messages. The commercials  also show a Pegasus unit.

Pegasus being unloaded from truckThe 1.5MVA (megavolt amp) high-voltage generation units are able to be transported from around the state - pictured right - , trucked (when and where access permits) to the impacted region and can be fully deployed within four to six hours.

With the capacity to power a small community, Pegasus units have proven their value after major natural disasters and other unforseen network impacts.  Where the power network is not catastrophically damaged, the units can be connected with mobile generators to restore power in emergencies.

They can also be fully remote-controlled and monitored by Ergon Energy’s central network control rooms – significantly reducing the logistical and safety issues of using generators for temporary restoration.

Pegasus on sitePegasus units were successfully deployed - pictured left - in the wake of TC Marcia in early 2015. One unit was used to power the Byfield community while 30km of destroyed network was rebuilt.  Another unit saw power restored to Marlborough and Clairview.

So thinking forward, our Pegasus units are important in how we prepare overall preparation strategy; we’re confident that we can have the resources in place where they are needed to do our job when required.

So while we do our best to be prepared we’re asking customers to do the same. Have contingencies in case electricity supply is interrupted and ensure to keep yourself and loved ones safe during and after the storm – in particular make sure they keep away from fallen powerlines.


How Ergon Energy restores power video.
Ergon Energy keeps customers informed via its Outage Finder.