Hosted as part of International Women’s Day celebrations, the event brought a focus to the achievements of women across all fields, and the opportunity to continue making meaningful change into the future.

Image of David Smales and three female panelists UN Women National Committee Australia David was joined on the panel by Aleta Miller (UN Women Representative Fiji ulti-Country Office), journalist Tracey Spicer and Muniba Mazari (Pakistan's National UN Women Ambassador).

The participants shared their views on the opportunities to enable and empower more women to play equal roles in their communities.

Representing Energy Queensland, David spoke about the need for companies to truly embrace diversity in the workplace.

“I want to create a culture that’s inclusive, where people have diverse views and opinions, and are free and able to share those in a safe environment,” he said.

“I have a firm belief in the diversity of people’s opinions driving better decision-making, more holistic decisions, and getting better outcomes for the business.”

Energy Queensland Board members Kathy Hirschfeld and Teresa Dyson were in attendance, representing the UN Women Australia Board, of which they are also members. Kathy provided a vote of thanks at the conclusion of the event.

Image of Energy Queensland staff at the UN Women National Committee Australia event in Brisbane.

Pictured at the event were: (back, from left) Dewang Bhargav, Karen Stafford, Andrea Smith, Brigit Steindl, Belinda Watton, Ric Ardo, (front, from left) Peter Price, Caroline Fleming, Peter Scott and Stephanie Grantham.

Energy Queensland is the parent company of electricity distributors Ergon Energy and Energex.

Both Ergon Energy and Energex have diversity policies in place. Ergon has a targeted program to attract, support and encourage women to consider middle and senior management roles.

Women also work in a range of non-traditional roles (such as Apprentice, Technical Trainiee and Engineering roles). Programs have been implemented to support career paths and development opportunities for women seeking work in these areas.