Just imagine for a moment…

It's spring. A good time to do some work around the house. You notice the trees in the front yard need cutting back. Yes, they're near the service wire that connects your house to the powerlines in the street, but surely, that can't be too much of an issue?  Or perhaps you're thinking that your DIY skills could extend to replacing the old powerpoints in the hall.

And that's where we need you to 'Stop – and think ahead a bit'. Because these issues are real and they could put you or your family in very real danger. Over the past 12 months, Ergon Energy reporting shows 613 reported incidences of near misses, injuries, or shocks in the community with actual incidents likely to be much higher. And that's why things need to change.

At Ergon Energy, we understand it's easy to become complacent around electricity, especially when we interact with it safely on the most part, hundreds of times a day. But too many people are hurting themselves – or escaping with a near miss – by not thinking ahead a bit. This also applies to seeing or feeling something wrong and not telling anyone about it – a fallen powerline, or a shock or tingle whether it's from a power pole outside or from a tap or metal object in your home.

In a perfect world, we'd all have a helpful trigger, to remind us of how to prevent an accident happening, or remind us of what to do if something does happen.

Well now we do.  And this is why we'd like to introduce you to our 'Grim Llama'.

'Unless with him you wish to sit, think ahead a bit'

Using a combination of steely black eyes that stare into your soul, and playing up the Llama's traditional role of a protector or sentinel to flock animals, our Grim Llama provides a very memorable trigger to encourage all of us to 'Stop – and think ahead a bit', and stay safe around electricity.

Just by thinking through the task at hand, you could prevent a very real safety incident…and the potential to be carried away by our Grim Llama.

So next time you start thinking to yourself, "Surely, I can do this myself" or "There's nothing really wrong".

'Stop – and think ahead a bit'. Because the Grim Llama is out there, watching, ready to stare you down when you need it most.

See our Grim Llama in action.

(Pedro's his real name, and let's face it, he's beyond cute – but that's not really the point).

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