The Queensland Government’s initiative - Healthier. Happier. Workplaces’ Program Director Michael Tilse commended Ergon for its significant investment in time, money and commitment to establishing a varied and sustainable health and wellbeing program for its staff.

He also noted that Ergon’s health and wellbeing program was well integrated into the business and was flexible enough to meet the needs of employees.

Image of four Ergon staff holding eh award

Health and Wellbeing Advisor Jackie Male said this award has been three years in the making.

“We started with bronze then achieved silver and now gold because our health and wellbeing program has progressed along to the point where it is fully integrated into the business. It is part of our every day at Ergon,” she said.

“Creating a healthy workplace is a two-way street, and I’m always encouraged by both the level of employee participation and the business support.”

The program looked to ensure policy, procedures, senior leadership support and buy in was in place.

“And if you have that senior management buy in, employees feel as though they have the support to participate and there has been a real roll on effect. The whole idea of health and wellbeing is to assist people to be healthy on their own.

“A workplace that supports health issues ends up with employees who are more centred, and motivated, have less sick days and are able to perform their role to the best of their ability. And that is beneficial to any business.”

Ergon’s health and wellbeing intranet page portal includes information on a range of program including flu vaccinations, 10,000 steps, Quit Smoking, Fitness Passport, Employee Assistance Program among others.

“There is a continual increase in staff participating in our programs. Even with our Health Matters portal we are seeing an increase in registrations and the number of people using that portal - we are getting up to 40% participation.

“Our challenge now is to maintain that gold level. We will maintain the focus because we built it to be sustainable so we need to keep it at that level and keep reporting our results to our board of directors, keep that staff and management buy in and look for new and innovative ways to get programs out to the business. “