The Services Union delegate Ronnee Meachen recently presented the seven-star award for providing a Family and Domestic Violence Leave policy to Ergon Transition Chief Operating Officer Roslyn Baker and Acting General Manager Human Resources Brad Montgomery.

Accepting the Award, Ros acknowledged the strong collaboration between employees, unions and the business in adopting the leave arrangements.

“The Services Union has taken a great lead in working with the business and I’m very proud that Ergon Energy has led the way,” Ros said.

Image of award presentation by Services Union delegate Ronnie Meecham (left) to Ergon Energy representavtives Ros Baker and Brad Montgomery   Ergon provides a minimum ten days paid domestic and family violence leave where required. The leave can be accessed without the need to first utilise personal leave.

“Domestic and family violence is a massive social and workplace issue and we’ve worked to ensure the right support for our people. The provisions mean that if employees need help, they can speak up and access support,” Ros said.

Ergon Energy is committed to providing a flexible, safe and rewarding workplace for all employees.

“Our company recognises that employees sometimes face difficult situations in their work and personal life, such as domestic and family violence, that may affect their attendance, performance at work or safety.

“A safe workplace is especially important for our people who may be experiencing family and domestic violence. Fostering a workplace culture where employees affected by domestic and family violence are supported in the workplace, contributes to a healthy and safe working environment for all,” Brad said.

Energy Queensland, Ergon Energy’s parent company, will also adopt the policy.