The majority of Ergon's people are part of the fabric which characterises regional Queensland; they're contributors to all those activities that make up a community whether it is in Toowoomba, Quilpie, Mossman, Mt Isa, Thursday Island and all points between.

Many individuals who make up the Ergon workforce selflessly and voluntarily add value to myriad activities and events which benefit their community.

They also drive the same roads, their kids go to the same schools and universities. They too endure cyclones and floods. They also balance budgets and receive power bills.

But let's get back to Beef Week. You may have read that Ergon Energy is again 'leading the charge and focusing its attention on the community by again supporting the Beef Australia 2015 Volunteer Program'.

Ergon's way of supporting those who are already making a difference is by encouragement. We're encouraging local community members to help at Beef Week by being tour guides, doing admin work, acting as liaison officers, providing linguistics, driving, or general duties.

Beef Australia CEO Denis Cox says community involvement is vital to the success of Beef Week 2015 and volunteering offers all members of society a chance to enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding week. He's not wrong. Volunteers at Beef Week are as integral to the event as beef itself.

Our Rockhampton-based General Manager Customer Delivery Steve Leighton says it's fantastic that after the devastation of Cyclone Marcia and times of adversity, the community is able to focus on more enjoyable matters.

Beef Week is just one example of our community engagement and support. We're engaging with groups and supporting other events in regional Queensland.

But for the time being I'm sure you'll agree with me in saying that Rocky needs a break and, as a long-term supporter of the volunteer program, Ergon's backing the event to the hilt.

It's all part of what we do.