The Safety Heroes program was taken up by 1353 schools this year and provided hundreds of school teachers across the state with resources to teach their students about electricity and electrical safety.

Energy Queensland CEO David Smales said he was proud of the efforts of staff from the subsidiary distribution company Ergon Energy for helping with the program which coincided with Electricity Safety Week between 4 and 8 September.

More than 80 Ergon Energy employees volunteered to talk to students about their own experiences of electrical safety.

Occupational Support Officer Lisa Hollis gave up some of her time for a Safety Heroes presentation to her daughter’s prep class at Kirwan State School.

“I was surprised at just how much the kids understood when I was talking to them about electrical safety. They were putting up their hands, answering questions and really getting involved,” Lisa said.

“What I love about this program is that you get to teach kids about safety at a young age, the message sticks with them and it doesn’t stop there as they take it back to their parents as well.”