The “Yellow Angels” tag was affectionately given to Ergon field employees in Central Queensland early in 2015 following their concerted efforts to restore power to the region following the impacts of category 5 Tropical Cyclone Marcia.

The new lighter, durable and fire-resistant field uniforms are currently being put to the test by Ergon Energy field employees around the state.

The new uniforms, which are identical in colour and style to the current distinctive yellow Ergon field wear, are made of a new, improved fabric.

Feedback and suggestions from 85 employees trialling the uniforms will confirm any fine-tuning needed in the company-wide roll out of the new uniform.

Field-based employees are scheduled to be clad in the new fabric by the mid-2016.

An Australian-based company best known for supplying defence uniforms has utilised a new technology fabric it calls Drifire. Designed as part of the fabric itself (as opposed to traditional methods of chemical or fabric treatment), the fire-resistance properties of the new uniforms are claimed to be superior and longer lasting than some traditional options.

It will also be cooler to wear in hot conditions as the material has a unique blend of fibres that transport moisture away from the skin and pushes to the outside of the fabric and dries four times faster than cotton.

Along with shirt and trouser combinations, a coverall option is also being trialled.