It’s an opportunity for those students to get real-life experience in their chosen field and for many, the experience is priceless.

“Every day I’m bombarded with new information which makes my experience very enjoyable, evolving and interesting,” said Jesse Lee one of this year’s students.

“In my time here I’ve been invited to join in on a site visit to a communications base station at the top of Mount Mackay near Tully.

“I feel very comfortable with the working environment and my new colleagues and look forward to finishing the remainder of my vacation student experience here at Ergon,” Mr Lee said.

Volunteer students

Overseeing the students are a number of key industry experts across a range of fields within Ergon.

Michelle Taylor is Manager Technology Development based in Cairns.

Students have gained valuable work experience within her team for a number of years and have made some significant contributions.

“We’ve had many wonderful undergraduates placed within our team over the past few years, Ms Taylor said.

“As an example I’m still quoting the research of Mitchell Tap who was one of our API scholarship holders and had a placement with Ergon Energy in 2014/15.

“He did really important work on the impact of demand tariffs on sizing of battery systems – the world’s just been a bit slower than Mitchell on picking up on the real value of this research.”

This year Ergon has taken on students in either a vacation or co-op placement in areas including Ergon Distribution and Asset Safety and Performance.

Locations for the placements include Brisbane, Cairns, Rockhampton, Toowoomba and Townsville.

The vacation student program runs over the summer period with co-op students continuing on for a few more months as part of their university placement.