It’s another example of how Ergon Energy is supporting our communities and our stakeholders through regional economic development as we move towards a renewable energy future.

Ergon Energy will increase the amount of renewable energy it sources for customers through an agreement with the Mount Emerald Wind Farm in Far North Queensland for the next twelve-and-a-half years.

Ergon Energy is already the largest purchaser of renewable energy generated in Queensland through Power Purchase Agreements with sugar mills and other renewable energy generators. Mount Emerald Wind Farm will add 170MW to the mix.

Mount Emerald Wind Farm was chosen from 22 proposals submitted to the EOI for Renewable Energy Project Developments.

It’s great to see that Ergon Energy has secured 170MW of renewable energy for Queensland. That’s equivalent to the power requirements of a city the size of Mackay in north Queensland and adds to the Power Purchase Agreement Ergon Energy Retail signed with the 5MW Solar farm in Normanton earlier this year.

Ergon Energy is confident that that the partnerships with new renewable energy projects will contribute significantly to Ergon Energy meeting its Renewable Energy requirements and delivering jobs for Queensland through construction and operation.

We’re still considering PPA arrangements with other proponents from the EOI process which may add even more renewable energy generation into the grid. Ergon Energy is working with a number of proponents for connection of large scale renewable projects to the grid.  While this is new for the network every opportunity is being provided to proponents to help deliver the renewable energy future.

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