However there are simple things that you can do to keep your bills under control.

Your hot water system

Choose a hot water system that suits your budget, location and usage needs based on the number of people in your home. If your system is too small you could run out of hot water and too large, it will heat water you won’t use, costing you more money to run.

There are many varieties of hot water systems on the market and not all systems are the same. Ask your local hot water specialist for advice to get the right sized system and if possible an energy efficient system and look for the star rating – the more stars the more energy efficient it is.

Choose the right tariff

If possible connect your hot water system to one of Ergon Retail’s economy tariffs – tariff 31 or tariff 33 and save money – up to around 19% with tariff 33.

However make sure your hot water system is the right size for the tariff. This sizing chart will help.

Some premises are not suitable to connect hot water systems to economy tariffs due to lack of a dedicated circuit, meter box or switchboard constraints. Residential unit blocks are often unable to connect to off peak tariffs for this reason and typically are connected to tariff 11 which supplies power 24/7.

However, there are still energy savings and ways to reduce your hot water usage once you’ve got your hot water system is plumbed in and connected to the right tariff.

Energy sense tips

  1. Take shorter showers - four minutes is perfect! Reducing your shower time from 8 to 4 minutes can cut hot water costs by 50%1.
  2. Fix leaking taps quickly as just 60 drops a minute is around 9,000 litres of wasted water a year. If it's your hot water tap it could cost you around $100 per year 2.
  3. Install a low flow showerhead or a flow control valve to reduce the amount of hot water used without reducing pressure. Water saving shower heads could save you up to $200 on your hot water costs3.
  4. Wash in cold water rather than hot or warm to save on water heating costs as households can use around one-third of their hot water in the laundry. Modern fabrics and detergents deliver excellent results in cold water.
  5. Position your hot water system near where you use hot water the most, which may be your bathroom, kitchen or laundry. This can help to save water and reduce heat loss from pipes.
  6. Insulate the hot water pipes running between the tank and your taps to further reduce heat loss from pipes.

Make sure you follow these simple energy savings tips to keep your electricity bill out of hot water this winter. If you would like more information check out Ergon Retail's web site or call us 13 10 46.

Important information:

1. Based on showering for half the time.

2. Based on 1 kWh to heat 15 litres of water.

3. A household of four people taking one 4 minute shower per person per day, with the hot water connected to Tariff 33.