There are several easy, low-cost steps that you can take, which over time should help reduce the amount you are paying for your electricity.

We take a look at some of the most common methods of reducing bills, without having to put down a large capital outlay.

Switch to energy efficient bulbs

LED bulbs can lead to significant savings on your electricity bills in the long term, so we recommend replacing standard versions wherever possible. LEDs are just as bright as their inefficient counterparts but last much longer and don't get as hot, therefore also making them safer to use. Efforts have been made to enhance the efficiency of bulbs over the years, so the chances are some of the older versions throughout your home are not quite up to the job of lowering your bills anymore.

Improve airflow

No matter whether you are in an office environment or at home, the chances are that air is not flowing through the space as well as it could. If you are using fans then make sure they are positioned properly for the maximum effect - the same goes for heaters during winter months. Through some strategic planning, you should find that you don't have to rely on these devices quite so much, which helps to reduce your annual costs.

Opt for more efficient appliances

Appliance manufacturers are now required to tell consumers just how efficient their products are - and this information can be used to your advantage. Whether you are buying a new fridge for the office or a microwave for at home, look at the energy ratings and use them as a factor in your decision making process. If you are buying the appliance anyway then this can be a good way of reducing your long-term expenditure.

Insulation can make a big difference to energy bills and with so many different types available, there is sure to be something that will suit your needs. Whether you opt for cavity wall insulation or padding in your loft, the reduced heat loss will mean you're not spending quite so much on heating your premises in the winter. Not only this, it can also bring advantages in the summer months as your property is kept at a suitable temperature all the time.

Load the dishwasher efficiently

Dishwashers have become a favourite among home and business owners throughout the country - and knowing how to stack them properly can make all the difference to your energy bills. Using the dedicated area for cutlery will help ensure they are washed properly, while dishes are best placed on the bottom rack. Getting the cleaning right first time will minimise the need for you to have to wash the dishes by hand once they have come out of the machine - something that will cost you more money every time you do it! It can be all too tempting to run the dishwasher without much in it as well - avoid this wherever possible, it will work much more effectively when it is full.

Go down a degree

Reducing your thermostat by just one level - and doing the same on your washing machine - can make a big difference to your bills over time. The chances are you won't notice the difference to the temperature of the room, or how well your clothes have been cleaned, but the effects on your bills will be worth it.