EnergyCheck was officially launched on Saturday by the Minister Assisting the Premier on North Queensland Coralee O'Rourke at the offices of one of our business customers, Tippett Schrock Architects.

We believe this tool will help businesses understand their energy use and its benefits are being promoted through a campaign that's running across regional Queensland on television and radio.

The EnergyCheck tool provides customers with personalised reports based on their billing cycle and also enables businesses to benchmark their energy use against other similar businesses in their region using anonymous data.

It includes a tariff comparison feature to help them understand what impacts their energy use and provides recommendations of the best value tariff for their business.

We've been trialling EnergyCheck with business customers across North Queensland and Ian Richardson from Tippett Schrock Architects in Townsville gave us some really positive feedback about the product.

"We could look at the efficiency suggestions with an indication of the potential reduction in operating costs and determine where we could adopt strategies that would best suit our activity," Ian said.

"EnergyCheck gives us a straightforward high level, easy to navigate tool to monitor our energy costs. For example, as a company with office based activity we could see that lighting and air-conditioning were our largest energy users and could adopt simple strategies to ensure we use them efficiently."

It was also encouraging to hear from Ian that the tool acted as a prompt for him when he's thinking about energy efficiency design aspects for new projects.EnergyCheck Launch

EnergyCheck customers have access to resources which show them simple ways to save energy and money. They're getting good information that's good for their business.

Pictured: Ergon Energy Retail Manager Product and Demand Management Dr Lisa McDonald explains the benefits of EnergyCheck to Minister Assisting the Premier on North Queensland Coralee O'Rourke and Ian Richardson from Tippett Schrock Architects.

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