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Tractor driver's actions praised after powerline contact

Published: 12 Apr 2016 3:06pm

Ergon Energy has praised the actions of a tractor driver whose spray boom contacted overhead powerlines at Winfield on Sunday.

Ergon Scheduler Joel Hogan said the driver’s actions are commendable as he did all the right things to ensure his personal safety in a dangerous situation.

“It was almost a text book response. We’ve been working closely with the agricultural industry about the dangers of working around overhead powerlines and promoting our Look up and Live safety messages for many years. And in this instance it has paid off,” Mr Hogan said.

When the driver finished spraying Macadamia trees, he left the paddock and drove onto the road verge with its spray boom raised.

“It looks as though he has inadvertently forgotten to lower the boom and it contacted the overhead powerlines.

“Driving along the verge he noticed the powerlines moving and realised something was wrong. He immediately stopped, turned the tractor off, called triple 000 and waited in the cab until Ergon field crews and emergency services arrived at the scene,” he said.

Unfortunately the incident interrupted power to 287 customers in the Boga, Rosedale and Winfield areas at 3.45pm. Power was restored to all customers by 6.28pm.

Mr Hogan said Ergon Energy will continue to work closely with the agricultural industry on its Look and Live safety messages and “we urge workers using equipment around powerlines to familiarise themselves with our safety advice for their own safety.”

More information can be found here :https://www.ergon.com.au/network/safety/business-safety/the-outdoor-workplace/working-near-powerlines

Media Contact: John Fowler
Phone: 07 44328730

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