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Toowoomba crews again lead the way for safety

Published: 3 Jul 2015 9:33am

A Toowoomba crew has taken the top honours at Ergon Energy's annual Field Safety Day competition in Townsville for a second consecutive year.

The Toowoomba Substations team comprising Shane MacDonald, Kieran Holcombe, Ron Stellmacher and Nathan Steger emerged victorious from the hotly contested competition.

Their Work Group Leader Nathan Manning was thrilled with the result.

"I couldn't be more proud of them for this win," he said. "It's an indication of the effort they have put into safety over the past 12 months, and it's good to see them rewarded.

"I've had messages of congratulations from other areas of the business too."

Rockhampton's Communications Systems team was close behind Toowoomba in second spot, and the performance of all finalists earned high praise from Executive General Manager Customer Service Peter Billing, who thanked the crews for their enthusiasm and comradery.

The success of the Toowoomba Substations team this year comes after the Toowoomba Communications team comprising Andrew Brown, Kyle Schmidt, Richard Kruger and Paul Harvey claimed first place last year.

Toowoomba-based Substations Manager for Fraser Burnett and Greater Downs Chris Graham said the results were a credit not only to the team members who attended the competition, but also their fellow crew members at their local depot who helped them qualify.

Mr Graham said the crews competing in Townsville were the "best of the best" – chosen from the top of the rankings in Ergon Energy's Comprehensive Safety Indicator (CSI) results over the past year.

The CSI results take into account safety outcomes such as injuries sustained, as well as pro-active safety measures such as on-time reporting and completion of safety visits, to measure the organisation's safest and most professional crews.

"The Field Safety Day competition is an opportunity to reinforce our crews' commitment to safety, while also recognising and rewarding them for their unwavering dedication to serving their local communities," Mr Graham said.

"Regardless of the results, the greatest reward for the competing teams was that they could learn from their peers and strengthen their commitment to safety."

The crews competed in critical safety challenges designed to put their expertise to the test. Challenges included Pole Top Rescue, Switchboard Rescue, High Voltage Switching, Secondary System Isolation and CPR.

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