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Power use surges in South West

Published: 17 Jul 2015 9:56am

UPDATE: 9.45am, Friday, July 17, 2015

Power use has peaked higher than earlier in the week after Stanthorpe received rare falls of snow overnight.

This morning's power use peaked at 847MW at 8.44am, which is the second highest peak for the year after the morning of June 5.

Yesterday's power use peaked at 827MW at the unusually late time of 9.08pm.

UPDATE: 8.45am, Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The South West experienced a slightly higher peak last night than it had yesterday morning as residents continued to use appliances to stay warm.

Power use peaked for the day at 336MW a few seconds before 6pm, as residents returned to their homes after spending the day at work and school and as temperatures began to fall.

This morning, power use peaked at 321MW at 7.27am, 13MW below yesterday morning's peak.


Power use surged in Ergon Energy's South West region this morning as residents sought refuge from the bitterly cold weather.

Power consumption for the region peaked at 334MW at 7:08:23, the second highest peak for 2015 after the 379MW recorded on the morning of June 5.

There has been only one other higher peak recorded in the past 12 months, 336MW on the evening of July 18. There was also a 335MW peak on July 10 last year.

Unlike other parts of regional Queensland which experience their peak demand on hot summer days, power consumption in the South West is at its highest when the mercury plummets.

The peak use last summer was about 320MW for a couple days in mid-December.

With the cold conditions forecast to continue in coming days, Ergon Energy is reminding customers using power to keep warm to avoid an electrical accident by following basic safety procedures, such as:

  • Don't touch anything electrical with wet hands.
  • Don't use electrical appliances such as hair dryers around wet places, like baths or basins containing water.
  • Use only bathroom heaters specially designed for bathroom use.
  • Check all appliances which have not been used for some time, particularly electric blankets. Exposed elements, perished, stiff or damaged connections on the flexible cord or plug top and any other visual defects should be inspected by licensed electricians before use.
  • Don't overload circuits with too many heating appliances. This can cause damage to wiring, plugs and electrical circuitry.
  • Don't pile items such as suitcases or piles of clothes on beds with electric blankets switched on. Trapped heat in such circumstances can cause fires.

 More electrical safety information can be found at Ergon's web site: https://www.ergon.com.au/network/safety/home-safety/inside-the-home

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