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Power off to some Gladstone hot water systems

Published: 28 Oct 2016 4:00pm

UPDATE - 4pm, October 28

All Gladstone customers should have hot water tonight after equipment at the Gladstone South substation was replaced this afternoon.

A signal was successfully sent to turn on power to appliances on tariffs 31 and 33 about half an hour ago.

Power will remain on for these economy tariffs until the next scheduled time for it to be turned off tomorrow.

ORIGINAL - 10.30am, October 28:

Some Ergon Energy customers in parts of Gladstone and neighbouring communities are experiencing cold water from their electric hot water systems today due to an equipment malfunction at the Gladstone South bulk supply substation.

Ergon is advising affected customers to contact their licensed electrical contractor, who will be able to bridge the relay at Ergon’s expense so they have a continuous power supply to their hot water system pending a resolution of this issue.

Only customers supplied from Gladstone South substation who use economy, or off-peak, tariffs may be affected. This includes the residential tariffs 31 and 33.

Customers who have the older style black receivers in their switchboard may be affected, while those with newer receivers will not be affected because these units default to the “on” position.

Apart from hot water systems, other appliances that may be on economy tariffs include pool pumps and air-conditioners.

Ergon staff are investigating options for a temporary solution, pending the replacement of the damaged equipment in the substation.

Media Contact: Rod Rehbein
Phone: 4153 9813 or 0407 031 072

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