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Lightning strike damages Woodgate substation

Published: 25 Oct 2015 1:45pm

A direct lightning strike on the Woodgate substation on Friday afternoon has severely damaged a transformer and affected the power supply to about 1400 Ergon Energy customers in Woodgate and Buxton.

The network settings have been adjusted and additional generation units brought in to maintain supply to customers until the substation is repaired.

The load will be continually monitored while these temporary arrangements are in place and further generation units will be deployed if required.

The network was reconfigured after the lightning strike on Friday afternoon to supply customers from another source, but they could only be added progressively through the night as the load declined.

Customers experienced further power supply interruptions yesterday afternoon and evening as the demand for power increased.

Ergon apologises to affected customers for the inconvenience and thanks them for their patience and understanding as crews worked to establish a reliable temporary supply.

Media Contact: Rod Rehbein
Phone: 4153 9813 or 0407 031 072

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