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Jandowae customers urged to limit power use

Published: 30 Jan 2017 4:32pm

Final update, January 30:

A replacement transfer is now supplying power in Jandowae, about a fortnight after the previous one at the town’s substation was irreparably damaged during an electrical storm.

Customer Delivery Manager John Fry thanked the community for their efforts to reduce non-essential power use at peak times in the intervening period.

“Their efforts, together with our approach of moving some load to another line and deploying mobile generators around town, meant we could maintain supply throughout this period despite the increased load during the ongoing heatwave,” Mr Fry said.

“Our crews and teams have done an excellent job to go so quickly from such a catastrophic and unexpected equipment failure to having a new and upgraded transformer installed without interruption to customers.

“The new transformer has ample capacity to meet any foreseeable demand from the local community so local residents should once again use power at their convenience going forward.”

Mr Fry said the mobile generators would be removed from the low-voltage network around the town in coming days.

Update, January 17:

Ergon Energy wants customers in Jandowae to continue using air-conditioning as required for their health and comfort, pending the replacement of the main transformer that supplies the town.

Customer Delivery Manager John Fry thanked the community for their efforts to reduce power use since the unexpected and uncontrollable failure of the transformer at the substation during Sunday night’s storm.

“We have a back-up transformer in place to maintain supply and mobile generators have been deployed to compensate for the forecast increased load during the heatwave,” Mr Fry said.

“This means residents should be confident the network can support essential loads and we do not expect them to sacrifice air-conditioning or any other necessary appliances.

“However, we are asking them to be mindful about the use of non-essential appliances and to consider using appliances outside of peak periods in the afternoon and evening where possible.”

Mr Fry said Ergon was working towards replacing the damaged transformer as a matter of urgency.

Original release, January 16:

Ergon Energy is asking customers in the Jandowae town area and those on three-phase power in the immediate surrounds to limit their electricity use at peak times for the next few days.

Customer Delivery Manager John Fry said a transformer at the town substation had failed and would have to be replaced.

“The back-up transformer at the substation has a lower capacity and is not able to meet the peak demand experienced in recent days if it continues at the same level in coming days,” Mr Fry said.

“So we are asking customers to limit their use of electricity, particularly from mid-afternoon until 9pm, to reduce the risk of a power supply interruption.

“We have transferred some customers usually supplied from this substation to another SWER line supplied from a different substation to reduce the load.

“We are also connecting generators into the low-voltage network around town to provide additional capacity.

“However, we will still need the support of customers by minimising their power use.”

Mr Fry said the damaged transformer would be replaced as soon as possible, but a time-frame had not yet been confirmed.

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