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Depots achieve a quarter of a century LTI-free

Published: 1 Sep 2016 9:18am

The crews at Ergon Energy’s Moura and Theodore depots have just chalked up an impressive 25 years free of Lost Time Injuries.

Customer Delivery Manager Fitzroy Brian Dingle congratulated the team on the milestone, which was officially achieved on August 23, at a function in Moura.

"It's a fantastic achievement and everyone involved should be very proud,” Mr Dingle said.

“The secret to their success is communication, respect, diligence, commitment, resilience, humour, drive, tradesmanship, mateship, loyalty and professionalism.

“All former employees of the depots are also thanked for their contribution.

“The safety of staff and the community is the number one priority for Ergon Energy and must never be compromised.

“The most important job for our crews is to return home at the end of each day to their families in the same condition as they arrive for work.”

Energy Queensland Interim CEO Terry Effeney also praised the team, handing over a plaque to Moura Work Group Leader Jeff Dickson during a recent visit to Gladstone.

Media Contact: Rod Rehbein
Phone: 4153 9813 or 0407 031 072

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