Keep your cool with energy saving tips

Published: 26 Sep 2016 4:31pm

As the summer heat starts to strike, Ergon Energy is providing a few handy tips to ensure customers keep cool while balancing energy costs.

Ergon Energy Retail Acting Executive General Manager Martin Seri said the Bureau of Meteorology has forecast temperatures above 30 degrees for much of North and North Western Queensland this week.

“This jump in temperatures is a reminder for people to think about how they can save on energy costs without sacrificing comfort,” Martin said.

“We know people will want to stay cool, but air-conditioners can consume large amounts of electricity and this can lead to a big jump in energy bills.”

“Set air-conditioners to 25 degrees - every one degree cooler in summer adds around 10% to the amount of electricity the air-conditioner uses – which can add up quickly.”

“Fans are cheaper to run than air-conditioning and can be used to circulate cool air to where it’s needed.”

Simple measures such as turning your air-conditioner off when there’s no-one home and closing doors and windows in areas you want to cool will also make a difference.

“They are simple solutions but they work and can keep homes cool and make a significant difference to customers’ electricity bills,” Martin said.

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