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Ergon workers resuscitate heart attack victim

Published: 31 May 2016 9:29am

Two Ergon Energy electrical tradesmen are being hailed as heroes after miraculously saving the life of a tourist at Bowen recently.

Townsville based crew leader Paul Sciuto and para professional Trent Stephensen resuscitated a French male tourist who had collapsed on the beach at Rose Bay on Wednesday afternoon.

“We were checking out of our motel and could see backpackers playing soccer on the beach. Trent saw a commotion as one young fellow fell and had about 30 people milling around him. Someone ran up and asked if we knew first aid.”

“We rushed down and found him lying on his side, lifeless and blue. We realised he was in trouble,” Paul said.

Finding no signs of a pulse or breathing, they immediately started CPR.

“Paul did the chest compressions while I performed mouth to mouth on him,” Trent said.

“By the fourth set of compressions I could see his colour start to return to his lips and skin. Then he started to breathe but it was a “gaspy” breath. By then the ambulance arrived and the ambos continued to work on him before taking him to Mackay Hospital,” Paul said.

The experience was a shock for both of them.

“We are trained in CPR and undertake refresher courses every six months. Our response was automatic and we just did what we are trained to do. It’s the first time we’ve used it in a real life situation and hopefully the last. But the training is definitely worthwhile,” Trent said.

Their manager Customer Service Substation Manager Herbert Kev Toomey said Ergon Energy is proud of them, and they should be proud of their own response and efforts.

“In our eyes they are heroes. Their response shows the value of CPR training, not only as our crews travel regional Queensland daily and could encounter these emergency situations, but also if required in a work or home situation,” he said.

Paul started with Ergon as an apprentice in 2002 while Trent joined the organisation in 2007. Both were working in Bowen last week undertaking maintenance on Ergon’s network.

Media Contact: John Fowler
Phone: 44328730

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