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Bogus meter reader warning

Published: 21 May 2015 1:03pm

Charters Towers and Ayr residents are urged to be aware of a man posing as an Ergon Energy meter reader a company spokesman said today.

Corporate Communications Manager John Fowler said the warning follows separate incidents in both communities this week in which a man asked to enter properties to read electricity meters.

"Earlier this week, a man driving a white Toyota Hi Lux utility tried to access gates to Charters Towers Airport claiming he was there to read meters. As the gates were locked he asked for a cash payment for non-access but was refused.

"Then on Wednesday a customer in Ayr spoke to a man at her gate who claimed to be there to read the meters. She told him where her dogs were and he then left. The concerned customer rang Ergon and described him as being tall and wearing hi - vis clothing," he said..

Meter reading is undertaken by contractor Skilltech and their staff are required to wear identification and show it upon request he said.

'If people have concerns about anyone claiming to be a meter reader, we urge them to always ask to see official identification for security reasons."

Mr Fowler said impersonators use the trusted Ergon Energy name to solicit information, money or gain illegal access to properties.

Media Contact: Corporate Communications Manager John Fowler
Phone: 0417283713

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