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Statement on potential impacts - AER Draft Decision

Published: 7 Sep 2015 3:32pm

The AER issues its final decision for Ergon Energy on 31 October 2015, so it is still too early to tell what the exact impact will be.

While a figure of “800 employees” potentially impacted has been used, this was clearly hypothetical.  Ergon must await the outcome of the AER’s final decision.

In fact, the AER has already confirmed a $600m correction to Ergon’s draft determination based on errors the company identified.

Ergon will continue to advocate for the best, balanced outcomes for Queensland and customers as the Australian Energy Regulator's final revenue determination approaches.

Ergon wants to ensure that there is no compromise to the security of supply or the ability to “be there to rebuild” after natural disasters.

Ergon’s original submission and its revised proposal have been designed to ease pressure on electricity prices while upholding reliability, and enabling the business to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.  The proposal represents a reduction of more than $1 billion on Ergon’s 2010-2015 spend and ensures a strong ongoing presence in regional communities and opportunities for Queenslanders. 

All employees under Ergon’s Enterprise Agreement are covered by ‘no forced retrenchments’.

Ergon Energy is also working hard to build alternative streams of opportunity and employment in the unregulated side of the business – to grow the business. 

The retail tariffs set by the Queensland Competition Authority for 2015-16 will not change as a result of the final AER determination.

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