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Santa delivers a lifesaving message

Published: 18 Dec 2017 8:51am

The world’s most loved man is also the perfect poster boy for Ergon Energy’s Look Up and Live high voltage safety campaign.

Despite steering his sleigh over millions of air miles every Christmas Eve, Santa has never once had an incident of striking powerlines.

Although more than 1000 reports of powerline strikes each year occur in Queensland, Santa said his unprecedented run of safety was not a case of luck.

“I’ve been asked in the past how I can visit so many homes in one night, dodging barking dogs, avoiding air traffic and preventing powerline strikes,” Santa said.

“Pets love me - they aren’t a problem - and I am usually flying too low for other pilots to be bothered by me, but I must always remain vigilant of powerlines in every country I visit.

“Like me, anyone who works at heights or operates a vehicle near powerlines must remember Ergon’s message of Look Up and Live because coming into contact with high voltage electricity can ruin anyone’s Christmas, not just for this year – but potentially for life.”

Santa also warned that many modern presents have the potential of reaching great heights and contacting powerlines.

“More and more I am seeing gifts such as drones and other remote controlled aircraft under the trees in homes I visit and I hope parents explain the dangers of flying them near powerlines to their children,” he said.

“I once saw a child in the North Pole hit powerlines with a drone and not only did it cut power to my workshop, it brought the wires down, creating a much higher level of danger.

“One of my elves actually witnessed this and immediately called our power company and kept everyone well away, knowing that powerlines on the ground could still be live.”

Santa added that children should also remember more traditional Christmas gifts, such as kites, can also carry the same risks as drones and should only be flown in an open area away from electricity infrastructure.

Santa said powerline safety should be at the top of everybody’s list and knowing what to do if the worst does happen is important.

“While the best bit of advice I can give to anyone working around powerlines is to keep away and be aware of your surroundings above and below, if someone sees an emergency such as powerlines down, they should always call Ergon on 13 22 96,” he said.

“Or, in the case of a life-threatening emergency, calling Triple Zero should always be the priority.”

Media Contact: Rod Rehbein
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