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Power poles off limits to election signage

Published: 22 Jun 2016 12:50pm

Candidates in the upcoming federal election are reminded that Ergon Energy does not permit election signage to be attached to its infrastructure.

An Ergon Energy spokesperson said people who illegally attached signs to Ergon’s power poles potentially placed themselves at risk of receiving an electric shock and also compromised the welfare of Ergon workers.

The warning comes after several recent instances of illegal signage placement in regional Queensland.

“The danger can be present on any pole supporting the Ergon Energy network, particularly if people use nails or screws to attach their signs,” the spokesperson said.

“These items can also become a safety hazard for our crews, especially if they need to access the pole in the dark and rain to restore power after a storm.”

People who attach illegal signs to power poles could be charged for the cost of removing their signs and also risked prosecution for interfering with the electricity network.

Ergon suggests election candidates or anyone else wishing to display signage should contact relevant authorities to determine where this was allowed and what restrictions applied.

Media Contact: Mark Timmerman
Phone: (07) 4432 8731

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