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Ergon to test residential battery systems in regional Qld

Published: 2 Jun 2015 1:29pm

Ergon Energy has finalised an agreement with Japanese technology giant Panasonic to cooperate with testing of a new residential battery product that could reduce customer bills and deliver more efficient utilisation of the electricity network.

The system will be tested initially at an Ergon research laboratory in Cairns, Far North Queensland followed by field tests in residential homes to gather 'real world' understanding of how such systems can benefit customers and interact with the electricity network.

Ergon has been working with domestic and international leaders in residential and grid battery systems in recent years.

The Panasonic residential battery product, which includes a Lithium Ion battery storage system and high-tech Network Adapter device in storage cabinets around the size of a two drawer filing cabinet, is designed specifically to interact with solar PV systems.

"Changing social trends and technological advances, particularly cost reductions in solar PV systems and now battery energy storage systems, will dramatically change – even revolutionise - the way electricity is supplied to and used by our customers," explained Ergon's Manager Emerging Markets Glenn Walden.

"Battery storage has the potential to provide residential customers with greater choice and control of energy use and could make our electricity network cheaper to operate in the long term," Mr Walden said.

"It can allow solar energy produced during the day to be used at peak load times in the evening or energy to be stored at light network load times and supplied at heavy load times," he said.

"We believe that partnering the technology understanding of Ergon and Panasonic can result in products of great value to our customers and a more efficient electricity network," Mr Walden said.

Ergon Energy has been developing the use and application of battery energy storage systems for more than a decade and has recently initiated the first commercial deployment of the GUSS (Grid Utility Support System) grid storage on remote rural networks.

The system being tested by Ergon Energy

Panasonic's Residential Storage Battery System is made up of the LJ-SK84A Li-ion Storage Battery System, the LJ-NA02 Network Adapter unit and software package. It has 8kWh (kilowatt hours) of usable capacity and 2kWh output, using lithium-ion battery technology to maximise the benefit of residential photovoltaic (PV) energy. It also includes programmed charge/discharge, remote control charge/discharge and an emergency backup feature.

Media Contact: Mark Timmerman
Phone: (07) 4432 8731 or 0408 065 88

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