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Ergon ready for Tropical Cyclone Debbie

Published: 26 Mar 2017 9:04am

Ergon Energy is finalising its preparations for Tropical Cyclone Debbie’s expected coastal crossing on Tuesday morning.

Energy Queensland Chief Executive Officer David Smales said “Ergon is ready, with crews on standby, equipment and generators ready and all other possible preparations in place.”

“There are 800 resources - Ergon, Energex and contractors in position, mobilising or available to respond to this event while Energex crews and trucks left Brisbane this morning for North Queensland.

“Response crews from across Far North, North and Central Queensland have prepared vehicles and equipment while final checks of major substations and electrical infrastructure have been made,” he said.

Ergon is well-positioned to restore power as quickly as possible after Tropical Cyclone Debbie makes landfall.

“Ergon will quickly bring in back-up resources from other regions to provide additional capacity for a speedier restoration effort to help the community. “

“After the cyclone passes Ergon will assess damage to its network, finalise its restoration plan and begin the restoration process once it is safe to do so. The immediate priority is the safety of the public and Ergon staff followed by the speedy restoration of power.

Power restoration will be planned and deployed starting at the top of the network and working down to individual street transformers and service wires to customers’ properties.

Ergon will use a sequence that is common to the electricity industry both in Australia and worldwide.

They focus is on first restoring power to public health and community facilities first and to the greatest number of customers as quickly as possible.”

“Critical infrastructure is a priority - hospitals, nursing homes, sewage and water treatment plants, and shopping centres/supermarkets. Areas of high population concentration are prioritised as we are able to get the highest number of customers restored in the shortest space of time. We are also making plans for those customers in outer lying locations. “

“Our aim is to get as many customers restored as quickly as possible and as safely as possible,” he said.

Ergon is also reminding residents to be safe, including keeping well clear of fallen powerlines and staying out of flood waters where powerlines can be hidden.

Mr Smales said regional Queenslanders are good at working together to keep each other safe in cyclonic events and added: “They should call Ergon on 13 22 96 to report emergency situations or if people have information that can assist with Ergon’s restoration effort.”

Ergon Energy will keep customers informed of the progress towards power restoration through the Storm Centre on its website, on its Facebook page and via the Outage Finder available at https://www.ergon.com.au/network/outages-and-disruptions/power-interruptions/outage-finder.

Media Contact: John Fowler
Phone: 0417283713