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Ergon prepares for tropical cyclone

Published: 26 Mar 2017 3:22pm

Ergon Energy is preparing for a tropical cyclone which could make landfall in the next few days and is warning residents to prepare for any power interruptions.

Energy Queensland Chief Executive David Smales said the approaching storm and cyclonic winds could cause damage to Ergon Energy’s network and interrupt power to people and communities across north and far north Queensland.

“Experience tells us that following a cyclone, full power restoration can take time particularly in those hard to access smaller communities outside the main population centres.”

“Our intention is to not to alarm our customers but to set expectations that they may need to plan around being without electricity while we work to safely restore the network and re-supply them.

“Our crews will work through the damage in a planned, methodical process as quickly and safely as possible for our customers and staff,” he said.

Mr Smales said in preparation for the cyclone, Ergon Energy is mobilising crews and materials from other regions, and Energex field staff were on standby and ready to help with the restoration effort.

“Ergon Energy will operate its national contact centre 24 hours a day to take customer calls, however we urge our customers to only call if they have an emergency situation to report or with information that can assist with the restoration effort, such as wires down.

Unnecessary calls can tie up our staff and delay restoration efforts,” he said.

Once the cyclone has passed and it is safe for our crews, Ergon Energy will progressively restore power in a sequence to essential community facilities first and then to the greatest number of customers as quickly as possible.

“Generally they include facilities such as nursing homes, evacuation centres, police, ambulance and fire brigade services, water pumping and sewerage plants, followed by large shopping centres and small businesses and finally residential customers.

“This restoration sequence provides the community with access to food, the health system or other services and speeds up the process to normality,” he said.

Mr Smales said “If people see fallen power lines, stay away, always assume they are 'live' and dangerous and report them immediately to Triple Zero (000). In case of a life threatening emergency, call Triple Zero (000) or 13 16 70, “he said.

Ergon Energy will continue to use Facebook, Twitter and its Storm Centre to communicate with its customer during the event. The Ergon Energy Facebook page can be found at :


Twitter: http://twitter.com/ErgonEnergy

*Energy Queensland is the parent company of Ergon Energy and Energex

Media Contact: Corporate Communications Manager John Fowler
Phone: 0417283713