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Electrical safety aimed at 300,000 QLD kids

Published: 4 Sep 2015 8:13am

There will soon be a new, smaller-sized kind of hero frequenting the schools, playgrounds and homes of Queensland with the launch of Ergon Energy’s new school safety program this year called Safety Heroes.

The new initiative launches in nearly 700 state and independent primary schools next week and takes a curriculum-based education program teaching children the basics of electrical safety into the classroom.

With an aim of getting vital electrical safety basics to more than 300,000 school students aged five to 12, Safety Heroes represents a concerted effort by Ergon to instil electrical safety sense to an entire generation of Queenslanders in their formative years.

“Electrical safety basics are a ‘must have’ for all children,” Ergon Energy Executive General Manager Customer Service Peter Billing said.

“Ergon wants the Safety Heroes messages to be an integral part of growing up in regional Queensland and we applaud the outstanding response from schools across all regions who have taken it on,” Mr Billing said.

Member for Thuringowa Aaron Harper joined Ergon representatives at Kirwan State Primary school today to help launch Safety Heroes.

“Whether it is using a power point or coming across a fallen powerline, kids need to know how to be safe around electricity,” Member for Thuringowa Aaron Harper said.

“There is research indicating that when children reach the ages of around 10 to 12, they become more curious and are more likely to ‘experiment’ at home or in the playground,” Mr Harper said.

“It is fantastic to see Ergon Energy getting this program into regional Queensland schools,” he said, “because the knowledge from the Safety Heroes program is not just a ‘need to know’ – we owe it to our kids to ensure they understand the importance of electrical safety.”

With a focus on activity for primary schools during Electrical Safety Week starting on September 7, the program also engages year six students as part of their normal science curriculum for the year.

The program has already been run in New South Wales for a number of years and engages up to 94 per cent of primary-aged students in that state.

Among other learning, the program encourages students to take responsibility for being safe around electricity through a safety ‘hero’ persona – a popular concept with primary school aged children.

The Safety Heroes program will teach children about how electricity works, home electrical safety, storm and cyclone preparedness, fallen powerlines and safety around overhead powerlines.

Key safety messages taught to primary school children in all participating schools will include:

  • Beware of fallen powerlines.  Stay safe and keep at least 8 metres away from fallen powerlines.
  • Don’t play near powerlines.  Never play on electrical equipment or in trees near powerlines.
  • Always keep away from overhead powerlines.
  • Water and electricity don’t mix. Keep electrical appliances away from water.
  • Use electrical appliances safety.  Never put metal objects in a toaster or powerpoint.
  • Know what to do and who to contact in an electrical emergency.  Tell an adult.

Media Contact: Mark Timmerman
Phone: (07) 4432 8731

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